My love letter to life..

Dear life, thank you for being you. For all that's you. With your mountains of love, your waters of tears and all the joy.

Thank you for music and dance, for the hugs of my daughter and husband. The belonging I feel when I grow food at our farm, travel in our campervan (or a rented one when we went to Australia and New Zealand). Thank you for beaches and sand between my toes, the amazing taste of coffee and chocolate, and healthy veggies ;) O.....and ice cream, don't forget ice cream.

Thank you for giving me the gift of seeing, not just looking. For connections made to other souls, for sisters in all meanings of the words. For my voice so I can sing and express myself. For not having to 'fit' in, but having the strength to stand out.

I love you, and all that is you!

“Those who don't believe in magic will
never find it”

Hi, I am Kim.

I picked up a camera after the birth of my daughter, Juliëtte. She's now seven years old. I've always been interested in photographs, since I was 14 years old I devoured fashion magazines. This resulted in me going to, and finishing, AMFI (a Dutch Fashion Academy). After that I took several courses in Graphic Design.

Because I didn't really fit in in the world of fashion design and styling, being a curvy girl I was never really accepted, my life led me on a rollercoaster path. Trying to find my voice and accepting myself.

When my daughter Juliëtte was born, my world changed 180! I suddenly saw the beauty in myself, everyone else and everything around me. All of a sudden everything was crystal clear. The beauty of the creation of a human being, my body that could do all that, the beauty of people around me. I started documenting that, starting with Juliëtte, my parents and later my siblings, grandparents and friends. That glow from within people, capturing their soul, the shine. It was as if I could suddenly see, for before I was blind. It led me on a self-taught journey into photography that has took me places beyond my wildest dreams, making connections for life with my clients.

My life in images:



“My (also pregnant) sister and I had a very relaxt and fun maternity-photoshoot with Kim. And the result is amazing! We couldn’t be more happy with the pictures! Kim knew exactly where to take pictures and what the best light situation and background was. She’s truly a professional and knows how to make people feel at ease.”

Phone: 0031 6 538 125 47
Instagram: @kim.vandenbroek